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Synical started out as a couple of young BMX riders looking to make a few t-shirts to sell down the local skatepark. Just a little project whilst we were still at school. From there Synical moved online and things started getting a bit more international, but we always maintained the emphasis on the local scene. Overtime as things moved on and people moved on, Synical began to lose this and I decided to call it. 

But just over a year on from the start of Synical's hiatus, we are back at it! Joining Synical are two guys who have been around right from the start. They know what Synical is and what it means, and most importantly have a vision for where it should be taken. Super excited to have Arun Roy and Jack Dunn on board to get Synical back where it needs to be.


Stoked to be back!

Simon, Arun and Jack

Arun Roy 

Jack Dunn